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Whidbey Island in June


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Assuming we reserve our motorcycles on the Port Townsend ferry in mid-June, is the ride on the north half of Whidbey Island worth the wait time? And does traffic vary on a weekday vs. a weekend?


We're heading to Bellingham later that day.


Thanks for any insight.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

The few times I've been there, traffic can be a bear on WI and Anacortes. However, Deception Pass is cool to stop and watch the water push through unless it is slack tide.

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Absolutely. Go left when you come off the ferry for good views of the water riding North...Deception Pass is really spectacular so make sure you stop at the turnout just short of the bridge and look around. Anacortes is worth a visit as well. When you turn back east toward I-5 take a left turn at Farm to Market Road and ride into the valley then pick up Chuckanut Drive (Hwy 11) and it offers many twisties right into Bellingham.


Weekdays are far better than weekends too. Traffic anywhere in the PNW can be a PITA but you probably already know that.

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Thank you for the info, and the added notes on Deception Pass

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I live in Bellingham which is about 20 miles from where you're going. Ride it during the week. Weekends are not good. Be sure and ride Chuckanut while you're in the area. It's considered one of the most scenic roads in the US.



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If you go onto Anacortes ride the short distance down the main drag to the older end of downtown and have lunch at the Brown Derby, great pub food especially the habanero chicken sandwich. Also on Farm to Market Rd, excellent bakery as you pass through Bow /Edison just south of Chuckanut Dr.

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