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1/2 way day.

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Thanks to many of you here who gave support and encouragement when I started treatment.


Today I have the 22nd of 43 radiation treatments.


April 5th I will be done and on April 13th I head to MI to pick up my new (to me) GS rig.


I appreciate all of you. :clap::wave::thumbsup:



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All down hill from here.


Hope the process is successful and the new rig is all you expect.

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You have a way with words! Not everything that runs downhill is good. :grin:


On another note, I received a PM from a long time member here who seldom posts. He gave me good info regarding PSA levels post treatment.


I can't think him enough for making the effort to reach out to me. :clap::wave:


I'm blessed and grateful every day.

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