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While exploring options for a aftermarket seat for my 1200RT I contacted Spencer at Spencersmotocare. He declined to work on my bike. Here is what he said:




Thank you for your interest in my work, unfortunately I am not going to be any help with your RT seat.


Because of the large number of later model BMW seats that are coming from the factory with cracked seat pans (I was finding better than 50%) I no longer accept your model seat for modification.


Please note that the photos below (not shown) are typical of what is being found with the R1200RT, the seat pan is cracked straight through the factory staple line.


Most times the cover must be removed to see the damage that is done on the initial factory installation of the seat cover. The pan material being used causes the staple to punch out a chip, rather than just pierce the pan. I have found that as these seats are aging the high temper pan material is getting more and more brittle, increasing the chance of a seat that initially appears fine, cracking when the cover is reinstalled. Unfortunately this effects the 650, 800, 1200, 1300, and 1600cc, R, F, K, RT, GT, GS and LT bikes. Compounding the problem is that once the cover is removed or any work is done to the seat BMW will not replace it. I just cannot do the same as other builders and put the liability on the rider should damage be found or the seat pan fail during work.


I am sorry that I cannot help with this seat but appreciate the inquiry.


Ride safe, Spencer





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There was a similar thread about this on another forum a while back ( I think it was bmwlt.com). A custom seat maker who frequents that forum called this B.S. I tend to agree; Bill Mayer, Seth Lamm, and Rich;s Custom Seats don't seem to have a problem with BMW seats.

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