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Secure sat nav OEM look

Andrew Harmsworth

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Andrew Harmsworth



As promised in a separate thread, I have made a couple of mods to the OEM Sat Nav release button to make it non-functional but look OEM to deter the casual thief, this is by no means super secure but I am happy enough to leave the Sat Nav in place while parked in at work, and while filling up.


Firstly you need to remove the button, this is done by removing the windscreen and top of the dash, its fairly self-explanatory with the torx screws.


The button is held in by a small tab, once out I (over) filled the slot in the button with some epoxy resin, I over filled it so that I could sand it back down to the same shape and profile at the rest, see pic –




The I took one of the plastic tools that come with I-phone repair kits –




And cut off 10mm of the end so that I ended up with a plastic cylinder that that looks like this –




Any piece of similar size plastic will do a which I have then just pressure fitted into the back of the button to look like this –




This prevents the button going fully in as it catches on the flat piece of plastic you can see inside the hole that the button fits in on the left.




This prevents the button going in far enough to actuate the release mechanism for the Sat Nav unit.


To take out the sat nav you pull other the customised button and use a short screw driver to push into the right hand side of the hole – actually the reminder of the iPhone tool does the job nicely which I keep in the glove box


After mod button in the hole looks like a normal button.





You may actually not need to do the Glue, but I did to make sure that the button did not catch on the tab in the hole again, to go back to standard, you will need to buy a new button – if you don’t fill it with glue, and remove the plastic cylinder and press back in fully.


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