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Windshield won't go down. - not a broken bracket


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Windshield won't go down. Interestingly, (or not) the fuel strip seemed to die after a key reset (to check the windscreen motion). I had the fuel strip replaced last year. It didn't work for about the first five minutes of a ride this morning. I looked down and it was working again. But still, not the windscreen.


I have the aluminum upper brackets on it. The brackets all look good.


I did a search, but I only found that the brackets break. It seems like the GS-911 won't have a code for this. But, I'll check it when I get home tonight.


I'm thinking it's the switch. Any other suggestions?




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Well. That was fun. Took my big winter screen off after going home with it halfway up. Yah, it looked huge going down the freeway.


It still went up. I put moderate pressure on the brackets to push it down and hit the up and down button and suddenly it worked again. I think the switch wasn't making a good contact. I will probably have to either take the switch apart and clean it in the future or replace it.


Btw: I have 114k miles on the bike.


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