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Left Handlebar Switchgear - Turn Signal Cancel Button


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I have a 2004 R1150RT with a finicky turn signal cancel button. I think that one of the pivot points on the switch is broken, which causes the lever to stick in the cancel position. When it sticks, I cannot initiate a signal. I find myself having to pull the cancel switch button back out, rather than it just springing back to the neutral position after pushing it.


Is that button replaceable and available for purchase without having to buy an entire left side switchgear?

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You CAN take it apart to a degree and spritz it with contact cleaner. That will probably help, but I found that after time constant application of potions degrades the unit and replacement is inevitable. But give it a shot.

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The R1100RT still shows a repair kit for the turn signal flippers. I know the 1150 is different in appearance but the internals may be the same (?)


The price is less than 10 bucks.


PN 6131 9062 462


No promises.



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My thought is that the cancel button pivots on a couple of plastic pins that fit in holes to form a hinge. I may be incorrect, as I haven't disassembled the switchgear assembly yet.


I believe that one of those pins may be broken, causing the cancel button to not actually swing on its intended pivot points correctly and then cocking slightly, which prevents full return to the neutral position.


My hope was, that upon disassembly, replacing just that plastic cancel lever would solve my problem. I haven't been able to find just a replacement cancel lever, so that may not even be possible.


Just thought that someone here with more experience with these bikes might have already torn into an assembly to know if it was even possible.

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What I have found with the 1150 buttons is that the internals of the actual button start to corrode.


If your issue is not a mechanical one, e.g. the button sticking, you can easily replace the internal round switch with the one from a donor unit. The buttons are interchangeable, but only if you get it from a similar unit off a 1150.



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You could get this and make that turn signal cancel button unnecessary:




Great 1st post/suggestion.

Welcome :wave:



Instead of using your right thumb in that awkward motion to push up the Cancel button, simply push the Same-side button to stop flashing.


If unable to satisfactorily repair the cancelation button then installing a SM-5 would allow you to disconnect the switch leg of the cancelation switch & cancel via above instructions.


To the OP, I'm sure you meant right not left switch gear?

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Sorry all - My mistake in the first post... The cancel button actually works fine, as long as the left turn signal button isn't stuck... It's actually left side turn signal switch that sticks... I can't edit the first post to adjust to reflect the mistake...


What I need is a replacement left side turn signal switch lever.

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Borrowed this picture off another forum...


I think one of the pivot points on my turn light lever might be broken...




Anywhere to source just the lever/button?

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You may be able to repair the lever or just rob one from an ebay unit.



Beemer Boneyard or Re-Psycle BMW Parts may be able to find the piece you think you need as well.


Regardless, the first step is pulling what you have apart and figuring out exactly what the issue is.

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