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"tank" map holders


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What options do I have for a "tank" top map holder?


I do use a GPS (mounted on "shelf"), but also like to have a map handy for various reasons, maybe just old habit, or maybe because my GPS is an older one with limited features/functions.


Tank top map holder I have had is useless on the RT because the map holder I have is magnetic.


And I don't think I have need of an entire tank top bag, either.


Any recommendations....? (other than to get with the modern decade and get full time internet connection on a smart phone).



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If you really like the bag you have, and the magnets are strong, you could take off the side panels and epoxy some ferrous metal under there - like really big fender washers or similar.


I had a BigMak setup on my RT that you could either put a map case or a full bag on, but those weren't even in production anymore when I got mine. Still do show up from time to time on here and other places online.



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My Big Mak DSC (Diamond Space Case) which is the medium small bag he made with a large map window will be for sale soon.


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I love RKA luggage and they have a small tankbag with a variety of mapcases to fit. Frankly, I wouldn't shy away from the advantages of the small tankbag.




I don't use a GPS on the bike and never will. I'm not a luddite, just prefer the larger picture when I'm traveling the big distances in the West. At nights in the Motel, I spread my AAA maps out or take them to the loo and study them while multitaksing. I use the iPhone/Google Maps for more precise planning. I consider this one of the joys of motorcycle travel.

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