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New Dunlop tire review


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Typical tire review. Meaning there is NO meaningful data. Should last 20,000 miles on the front, should last 13,000 miles on the rear.

Maybe they will. Probably they won't.

I bought a Roadsmart II to put on the rear of my RT to start a long trip. 4,300 miles later it was on the wear bars. Didn't care for the feel of it compared to the T30.

These look completely different. I would have called them something besides "Roadsmart" as my experience with those was dismal.

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Competition results in better products and we all reap the benefit.


As before, the marketplace will determine how good they actually are.


Years ago, I was sold on Dunlop's but switched to Michelin Pilot's (based on word of mouth advertising on this site) with amazing results. It's nice to see the bar continue to rise.



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