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Ignition Dead Help needed.


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Ignition went intermittent yesterday. Engine died and instrument cluster went black. Came back on and started again. Would run between 10 secs and a minute. Pushing the top of the key to the right seemed to make it last longer.


Put an elastic tie on it and it kept going. Got 30 kms home.


Turned on switch this morning and cluster came on and then went black. Now permanently black and no ignition.


Checked battery, the two fuses under seat and all good. Remote fob controls work ect.


Is there an easy way to check the ignition switch is faulty? Any other fuses etc I should check?


Thanks in advance for your help!

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I agree with Jay. Before doing any parts R&R, check wiring harness for loose connectors and grounding points. It has never happened on one of my motorcycles, but my wife bought a brand new Jetta some years back with similar symptoms. Turned out to be the connector of the ignition switch assembly not having been fully engaged to its mate on the wiring harness (or do you folks down under call it the loom?)


Also it is not unheard of that a battery shorts out....good one minute dead the next.


The switch might be a worry if you have lots of keys on the ring which could stress the switch internals. This is more likely a cause of switch failure with car keys when the dead weight of the keys hanging off the steering column stress the switch. That seems much less likely on a RT where the blob of keys would lay on the top supported by the triple clamp casting.

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I connections etc. All good. Ancillaries work such as remote locking and security. I think it is the key halo antenna. Wish I had a gs911wifi. Bike booked into dealer.

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