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opinion on seth laam seat

Robert Mayrand

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Thought there was a report a while back of him being MIA for his customers. Never followed up on the story so I don't know if it's true.


Now, I believe he was tutored in the craft by Rick Mayer (who btw makes a nice seat) but was notorious for poor customer relations. (Apple Tree Thing)


If Seth answeres the phone, I'd give him a chance.



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On 2016 R1200RS - chose Seth Laam over Corbin (from 2003 R1150RS experience) and am extremely pleased with the choice (as well as the price).


Did a ride-in to his location last year and glad I did. Workmanship and product knowledge first rate.


Corbin would have been heavy single piece solution, while Seth reworked existing pans and saved the tool location under the seat (which would have been lost on the Corbin).

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A Great Day To Ride here's a link to a very inexpensive option for many riders to upgrade exisitng saddle.


Tried that before getting a Laam seat. Great Day to Ride turned a 50 mile seat into a 75 mile seat. An AirHawk is only slightly more expensive than A Great Day TO Ride modification but much more effective.

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A buddy of mine got a Laam seat on an FJR. He likes it enough that when I bought my water boxer, I wanted to try one even though I was very happy with RDL from previous bikes. After several weeks of leaving messages and emails with no response. I got an RDL again that I am very happy with. There were no surprises with RDL. Communication was good. Pricey but in my opinion.....worth it.

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Robert, I have a laam seat on my RT and love it. If possible, I would recommend doing a ride in and have it made. Seth is a 1 man show and is very busy. I would agree with others that he is difficult to get a hold of at times. But, doing an appointment for a ride-in was easy. I have had my seat for over 1year now and have 25k miles on it with no complaints.

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