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I flushed my servo assisted brakes! One time loud servo sequel!


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I did it!! I followed all the steps and had some surprises but nothing that I could not figure out. When pumping the front brake and flushing it, the fluid squirted making a mess. We had to hold the cover the MC every time to prevent it from making a mess. We removed the back ABS to be able to put the shims in. Some things the video did not show had to be done. All good! Yet, we flushed it! We tested the bike, rode it a few times around the block and had the feeling of victory.

Shortly after a few test laps I pumped the front brake and a LOUD squeal similar to the servo noise but much louder high pitched came out that I've never heard before. My mechanic friend said it sounded like air coming out from the servo. It never made the noise again. I heard from another owner he had that happened also some time ago and it's not happened again.

All in all, I feel empowered. It is a 2 person job for sure. Has anybody done it with a bleeder assist?

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I am not sure where you had your problems. Dropping a nice clean coin in the front brake master cylinder prevents the fountain of brake fluid.

You say you followed a video. I am not sure what you mean.

Anyway glad you are sorted. It is not difficult to do with one person. Not sure why you would need 2 apart from moral support.

Never used the bleeder assist (I guess you are talking of the likes of Speedbleeders?). I don't really believe in them. Tried them in the past and found them to be more trouble than they are worth ('cos they cost quite a bit)!

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Hello Andy! Thanks so, SO much for the reply.I followed the JVB instructional DVD with really good detailed information and step by step procedure on the bleeding of the servo assisted system. I believe is a must for any rookie Oilhead BMW owner. I have never EVER done a bleeding job and had no real practice or familiarity with pressing the brakes, turning the nut and closing the nut before air got in the lines. Not sure how to press/pump the hand brake and pour new fluid while keeping an eye on the drain lines. My friend who is an aircraft mechanic taught me how. We assembled the bike and tested it. It was great. However, at one point I pressed the brake and a loud squeal came out of the bike. Similar to the servo noise but very pitchy. It went away and never came back. I talked to a gut who owns a Rockster in Utah and he said that happened to him once and never again after a full flush. Now the clock starts. Another 360 more days toll my next brake flush!

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Well done - I did mine a few weeks ago and it is a bit tricky the first time!

My only tip would be to use a six sided socket on the servo unit bleed nipples (to crack them open). One of mine was VERY tight and it rounded off a bit on my first attempt. The previous owner must have been a gorilla.

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It still puzzles me the sound my bike made after I rode it a few times. I tested the brakes for about 5 minutes around the block when all the sudden a servo SQUEAL and then nothing. Back to normal. I wonder if it was air or fluid getting trapped. So far, no worries.

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