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Highway Pegs?


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I bought my Elf Pegs direct from Elf. The owner says as long as I don't try to stand up on them, they are very durable. Sure gives me a break from the cramped legs position. Do a search on "elf pegs" and you will see about 10 pages on the web.

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Elf are what I have. About the most expensive but the cleanest install of any.

Periodically poke some grease or use spray lithium at the pivot to keep it lubed.

Be very careful when removing or installing for bike maintenance as the stainless bolts can cross thread easily.

Mine are over 10yr old and still work great.

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Probably not the most comfortable Highway Pegs for the RT, but definitely have the best aesthetics. You do not see them when not in use. Have had mine for over ten years, and have been problem free

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I agree w/Kent, use the rear pegs, stretch 'em from time to time.

Never really saw the need, my legs way too long for any, didn't like the separation from shifter/r brake or the what if moments that hapeen when you least expect them.

On a boxer I could stretch leg over/on cylinder head no problem for a short stretch time.

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Elf seems to be the winner here! I was also thinking about ordering a crash guard, which of course will open up even more possibilities, and cheap ones at that. Thanks for all the tips!

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