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San Diego Feb 16-21


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I will be visiting daughter & SIL in San Diego those dates.

THis will be my/our 3rd visit to the area, with the R1150RT that is there.


Looking for day rides from there in San Diego (near Ocean Beach) out into the mountains and canyons.


Have chatted with some folk there over the last couple years. Would also be good to meet some folks and maybe go on rides to places I may not be aware of.

Been riding since 1979. GOt the RT in late 2014 to have there when visit daughter. No previous BMW expereince.

Am a dull boring guy that enjoyes riding. Am not that much of a sporty rider, but do enjoy the curves and twistys.


Part of the reason I got the RT was because it came with a dolly, a jacket (BMW jacket) and a pair of helmets with bluetooth comms. All all which was well suited to having the bike stored in daughtrers garage and us using the bike while we were there.

I would say Other part of the reason I got the RT, is the idea I had about BMWs reputation for reliability. I would mention that, but then that leads into a long story that involves a tow truck and expensive repairs.


Previous rides from San Diego were as far east as Sunrise Highway and Julian, and as far south as Dulzura and Barrett Junction , and as far north as Temecula and Palomar Mt.


Am looking for any words of wisdom, any recommendations of rides and possibly meeting up for a ride.


I have the map from SD BMW Owners Club site, and have gone to thier Sunday morning breakfast, and intend to do so again and go on the monthly "New Member ride" again which is that Sunday.


Weather isnt looking as nice as previous visits (also February), but still 40 degF warmer than here.


Other reason to meet someone out there: I may be riding the RT home this summer, and that leaves the dolly there that could go to someone. And the BMW jacket is too big for me. But that is all minor at the moment. At the moment looking for someone to go for ride, or for suggestions.




SOme pics from previous visits.















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Sorry to say that Saturday the 18th is the only day I'd be free to ride, but the current forecast calls for a >50% chance of rain Fri-Mon. Will have to see what develops, weather-wise, but I try to avoid riding around here in the rain, because drivers don't know how to cope. We normally only get about 10" per year, and nearly all of that from Dec-Feb, so drivers don't get much practice.


Make sure you check your tire pressures (reference to previous posts). :) I run 37/41 F/R.

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Make sure you check your tire pressures (reference to previous posts). :) I run 37/41 F/R.


Bill, Thanks for response.

Yes, will chat more later, and see if weather forecast improves.


Bill, such a good memory you have.

When son-in-law picked up bike from PO, and when I first went for ride on it, tire pressure was way low, like 15 and 20psi. Shame on me for not having checked first. I am embarrassed to admitt that. I think I did kick the tires, but these radials are a different critter than I have been accustom to.



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Make sure you check your tire pressures (reference to previous posts). .........


THanks again Bill.


Yah, when pushing bike in garage the tires were squawking and squeaking on the pavement. Checked the tires and they both barley registered on the pump's gage.


Did get out for a little ride.




Will keep an eye on weather forecast.



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Made a trip south and then out of town.

CA 94.






Stopped in this same spot, as I did last year, between Dulzura and Barrett Junction.

A local fellow pulled over in car. I gave him the thumbs up sign, but he got out and walked up to me to ask if everything okay, if I needed any help. I told him I just stopped to take a picture. He looked puzzled and looked around as if he was trying to figure what I was talking about. I said how I liked the way can see the road go around the side there, and how can see the road off in the distance. He just said he stopped to see if I needed any help. He walked back to car, then came back and offered to take picture with me in it. So I got my iPhone all set and handed it to him, I stepped over to bike, and he seemed puzzled and held the iPhone up to his eye to try to look thru a view finder. SO I showed him, and he took picture for me.



Also picked a few random side roads to venture a little bit.



Took CA 94 to Campo and furter, then blasted back on I-8. TO get back in time for some other activitys with daughter & SIL. Man, traffic there was 85 - to 95 mph.

Sunrise Highway and/or Japatul will have to be another day.


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Looks as though you're enjoying the ride...!! :thumbsup:



This has been quite an adventure for me. Not just this trip, but just the whole idea of getting a bike to have in San Diego for when I visit daughter. A very big thing for me.



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Have some other things planned with daughter & SIL today.

But you guys probably dont care to see pics of SIL & I playing disc golf, and us all going to see seals on a beach.


Wife & I did go for a short ride together. Went out to the end of Point Loma.





Here is a view overlooking the harbor and the Naval Air Station on the big island in the harbor.



And from here on out, the remaining days weather forecast is for 50 & lows 60s and rain. We shall see.


View in otehr direction would be Navy ports and downtown.




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More pics of Thursday short ride to the end of Point Loma.




Road down to the "Tide Pools".

What picture doesnt show is the 135 degree hairpin turn at the bottom.



Oh, I dont mean for this to be a complete "Ride Report", just showing some pictures and sharing my enjoyment. But I should tell you that these (this post and previous) pictures are at the end of Point Loma and that is a National Park, "Cabrillo" (so a $10 entry fee). But before get to that are some good views from the road, especailly at the big military cemetery.

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Nice! I rode out 94 a week or two ago, then up 79 to Julian. There was snow at Lake Cuyamaca! We seem to be in a pattern now of having nice weather for a few days during the week, and then bad weather for the weekend.

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Nice! I rode out 94 a week or two ago, then up 79 to Julian. There was snow at Lake Cuyamaca! We seem to be in a pattern now of having nice weather for a few days during the week, and then bad weather for the weekend.

Last year at this time, up near that lake (Sunrize Higway side) I passed snow plows that were pushing back the banks.


Yes, bad weather Friday. Worse storm of the year they said.

58 degress and raining and windy. I did get out in the morning and made it back before the rain started, but was windy.

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Went on a Patriot Guard "mission". Went about 30 miles out of town to escort a family to the big national cemetarys out on Point Loma. (Rosecrants, I think). THe PGR chaplain conducted a good portion of the service.


Can see the wind blowing the palm trees (if that is what they are).

THis picture shows about a 1/3rd of the group.

Look at that on sport tourer bike amoungnst all the vtwin cruisers.

Well, the leader of the PGR group was on a K1600 (not shown).


Got rained on some on return ride. Got back before the storm hit.



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Saturday morning.


56 degrees and chance of rain.... good enough for a morning ride.


CA78 Escondito to Ramona, and then Wildcat Canyon.








Of course the best scenic places of the road there was no place to pull off the road. Rock wall on one side going up and guard rail or not on other side going down, with no shoulder. So no pics of the best riding roads.






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55 degress and threat of rain.

Did go to SD BMW Owners Club Breakfast.


Did catch some rain on the way.

Was about 25 guys there, and seven bikes.

Was some joking about it not raining, but was just a "heavy mist".

Had some good chatts with several of the guys there.



Here is pic after breakfast.


Gene at the RT was the group leader.

Scott at the GS was the sweep.

Some of the other guys that were there for breakfast but not riding standing there. SOmeone told me that the gentleman there in the coat & tie is a club charter member from the 70s, and he has a 2 digit MOA number.


Gene had a great route that got us to Dehasha Rd and Japatul Rd via a lot beter route on interesting roads. (when I went there on my own the other day I ended up going thru a lot of suburbia).


The wet pavement had me a bit un-nerved... and this is really only the 6th week with this tall bike... so after a while I told the sweep Scott that I was bailing out, and ventured off on my own.



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A few pics of Dehasa, Japutul, Lyons Valley.










After the "heavy mist" got a lot heavier, I sat at Lyons Valley Trading post for a while, got in full rain gear, then I headed back out, and I stopped taking pictures, and after a while headed back toward town.


Was heading to Coranodo and maybe happen upon the group, but my GPS crapped out (is about the cheapest one I could get about 10 years ago, and, ah, not water proof), so I just found a road that I somewhat knew and headed home. Home about 1:30pm.



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Monday the 21st.


To Ramona but went by way the 52 & 67 this time (bypassing Wildcat Canyon, I know, would have liked to do that again,but had some time constraint).


Also, didnt stop for pictures as much either. Was ridin' ridin' ridin'


Old Julian Highway.

Hard to believe this was ever a "highway".



78 into Julian



Sunrise Highway





Again, the best scenes of the road there was no place to pull over.



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Tuesday 22nd

Short morning ride.

Wife and I made another return trip out to end of Pt Loma Cabrillo National Park again (still had the admission receipt that was good for 10 days).



Another picture that better shows the road down to the tide pools.



View of about 1/5th of the Roscrants National Cemetary. Half of it overlooks the San Diego harbor as seen here


Other half overlooks the ocean.


Later in day had a short ride around town. Found this view of the pier.





Tommorrow is last full day here.

Need to visit daughter & SIL here more than once a year.

Am determined to make plans for that.



This is Son-In-Laws and daughters last year here.

So plan has been to sell the bike from here, ... or... ride it back home this summer. Have been starting some planning for the latter.


Big announcement:

Son In Laws next asignment is not going to be Okinawa, not Phillipeans, not Japan, not Spain, not Norfolk,.....

His next assignment is most likely going to be Camp Pendelton.

Yah, about 50 miles north of San Diego.



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Wednesday 23rd

Palomar Mountain.


Feeling better about the bike.

Come to better understand it takes more counter-sterring pressure on those shorter bar (than what I have been accustome to for decades).


Up the South Grade (S6, north)







Then down the South Grade (S7, south, east)







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Another pic of S7 east of Palomar.

I see is only pic showing the BMWST sticker. Thanks EffBee.



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