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Hooligan Flat Track Series

T.M. Roe

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Saw this last year during Bike Week. Went to some amateur flat track racing in Barberville, FL and saw a lot of great racing with riders from 6 to 70. During the day Roland Sands introduced a "Hooligan" class of 2 or 3 heat races then a finals. The bikes were Indian Scouts or supposedly you could run what you brung. The racing was pretty boring as these were big heavy bikes and when they went down (which was often) the riders were mostly pinned under the bikes and had to be helped up off the ground. One guy was on a sportster with an extended front end, lights, and license plate. The rider was dressed in khaki's with an open face helmet. The most excitement was cheering for "khaki man" as he crashed most every lap. A couple of days later we went to the AMA Pro Flat Track races at the speedway and there they were again. Same bikes, same riders, and same extended sportster. Amost the exact same racing as in Barberville except they looked MUCH slower than the Pro 450's. Also Roland Sands was one of the riders and I think he "won" the Hooligan class. Not sure I would spend money to just watch this class of racing.

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I watched one that ran during a short track program at Costa Mesa several years back. It was a mess to watch. The fun stuff that night was the Australian sidecar races.


I hope that this series turns into something better than what you and I witnessed.


What will be next GS Motocross?

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It was a mess to watch.


What will be next GS Motocross?


They're working out the kinks as we speak. :ohboy:



Actually, not a bad holeshot! :revit:



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