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BMW systems case alternatives?


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For the r1100rs/l are there any alternatives to the bmw system cases besides soft bags? Or any examples of someone making their own using the latching system?



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Something like this? :D




IMHO, the OEM cases look just fine on the bike. Even on the R1100GS, Givi cases look unnatural, like they do not fit there.



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I checked the GIVI website and no hard side cases at present for an R1100RS at least that I can find. I too am looking for side cases for an R1100RS/L. Might have to go with BMW cases. All was well and then I sold my R1150RT with the cases which also worked with the RS.

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Still don't understand why you still don't want the BMW cases?

They are readily available from most breakers (as well as new).

Can be fitted with slim city lids,or super oversize lids.

The bike has the hardware to fit them and they look integrated unlike all aftermarket stuff.

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Yeah now that I understand the versatility (multiple lid sizing) and what other comparable bikes I was searching for I'm keeping my search to the OEM stuff.


Part of the reason I was looking to see if anyone had made something was I have more time then money atm, wanted to see if I could fab something instead.

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