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Missouri Bob

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Does anyone have long-term experience with KTM? Their 690 Duke intrigues me, but I wonder about the motor's longevity. It seems to be highly stressed, and I remember when BMW sold some singles whose crankshaft required relatively frequent replacement.


General Exclusions From Warranty -

Normal wear components, including but not limited to, the following: piston and piston ring, Nikasil cylinder coating, all bearings, all seals, all clutch components, transmission gear engagement “dogs”, final-drive chain and sprockets, brake components, suspension valving, carburetor jetting, and filter elements.



That KTM does not warranty the piston, rings, cylinder coating, bearings, clutch, and the transmission dogs, does not exactly inspire confidence.




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I believe KTM's are built to a very high standard. I've had and ridden hard my 450 EXC since bought new in 2007. Most of my friends have ktm's and raced them in Enduro's and Hare Scrambles. KTMtalk.com is a great website where you'll find all the information you need . I started on KTM's in 2000 with a 200 exc . It never broke and needed basically nothing. My 2007 runs as good as or better than new. I'm still on the original clutch. I've only replaced the valve adjusters and never had to go into the engine for anything else. And when I say I've ridden it hard, I mean hard.

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I just sold my 800GS and bought a Husqvarna 701 enduro which has the same engine as the new 690 Duke. It is an amazing engine. I can't believe how much power they get out of 1 cylinder. It is a blast. 800 was just too big for the kind of off-road riding I was doing.

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Bob, not me, but a bunch here have KTM'S/ed, seem to like them a lot.

I think it is because they need to ride a 3 letter marque...


HD to little

Honda, Yammyha, Kawasumi, too big


BMW, just right.


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I had a 95 Duke for a short time, very short actually. It was a bit of a paint shaker and the carb was not setup properly. (Starting issues) Probably an easy fix but lost patience with it and that KTM became a BMW F bike. I'm sure the newer Dukes are quite different.


Not my pic but it looked like this.




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