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Fluids to use


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Just bought a 2004 R1150RT ...


What seems to be the fluid of choice for:




Final Drive


Finally, can one viscosity be used in both the transmission and final drive?


Thanks for your input from a newbie.

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Hi meinbmw. Welcome to the group. If possible can you fill out your profile a little more completely. It can really help with identifying the bike and also folk nearby are often able to help.


The brand of oil is your choice, the specification is BMW's.

Personally, I have found synthetic oil seems to make no difference in the engine, BUT it really helps in the gearbox.

Engine (3.75 litre) Mineral or Synthetic multi grade API classes up to SH. In theory, the grade will be dictated by your ambient air temperature but the reality is you will be totally fine choosing 10W-40, 15W-40, or 15W-50


Transmission (0.8 of a litre) and Final Drive (0.25 of a litre) both use Hypoid SAE Class GL5 SAE90.

The answer to your last question is that BMW recommends the same viscosity in both.



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