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Made the (Hopefully) ultimate upgrade.

Andrew Harmsworth

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Andrew Harmsworth

Hi after 2 rather turbulent years of ownership of a 2001 R1150RT, I made a (winter season) low offer on a 2015RT LE, Ebony, Sat nav, Dynamic pack, top box, keyless go and the normal LE goody bag. Offer accepted  picking it up on Saturday, please dealer was obviously short on Jan sales as needed to close it today.

Looking forward to many miles of riding, without the 2x clutch salve failures, 1 clutch failure, one piston failure, one alternator belt failure and many hours of removing Tupperware- which I think I can now do blindfolded.

Still being positive I thought I would drop a note on the wet heads forum to introduce myself, and looking forward to learning how to use the bike rather than fix it….



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I put 90,000 on my 04RT before trading up to my present 14RT which now has 61,850 miles on it , you will love your new purchase , I have done nothing to my 14RT other than regular maintenance and have never had a problem . Enjoy the ride and keep it rubber side down.

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another 14RT convert. I think Im at 15K now and so far no issues. Save some money for a seat upgrade. You will need it. I promise :)


Would be nice if you post location.


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Andrew Harmsworth

Sure I am in Bristol, England. Picking it up on Saturday hoping for dry weather for the 100 miles back from the dealer. Hopefully I will not need the 2 years warrente and roadside recovery.

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