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Kactus Kilo a 1000 miles in 24 hours in the scenic Southwest


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I’d like to invite you to join us for the Kactus Kilo. The Kactus Kilo is a 1000 mile ride for charity on April 15 (check in on April 14) based in Kingman, AZ. check out our webpage:




Riders Meeting on Friday evening 4/14 - We'll feed you and hand out your packet with your T-Shirt, Rider Placard, List of required locations.

Launch on Saturday morning 4/15 - We will handle all your paperwork for the Iron Butt Association and send you on your way, two riders at a time. You will have a mandatory first stop where a Rods N' Rides staffer will take a second odometer reading.

Ride - After the brief odometer check, you will head to a series of 2- 4 locations somewhere in the southwest states. You will take a digital photo that includes your placard, your bike, and the target.

Arrive - The checkpoint in Kingman, AZ will open no earlier than 16 hours from the beginning time. Your goal is to arrive with all targets documented within 24 hours and recording a minimum of the projected mileage on your odometer.

Awards Banquet (well, sortof) - We will feed you one more time and hand out certificates to all who meet the requirements.

Iron Butt Association membership! - If you properly complete all requirements, you will earn a Saddle Sore certificate from the IBA. We do all the route planning and all the paperwork! How can you beat that?


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