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Battery CCA?


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I have read mixed thoughts on whether it is better to increase the battery CCA or go with what the dealer recommends. All that I have read refer to autos but some of the comments make me wonder if the question is more applicable to motorcycles. What are your thoughts? Does a higher CCA hurt a motorcycle or is there no damage?

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Afternoon Sonor


As a rule of thumb the higher the CCA the better for a vehicle starting battery (no so much for a deep cycle battery)


You also have to keep in mind that not all battery manufactures figure the CCA at the same pull-down voltage so JUST using CCA alone for a battery choice might be misleading.


All things being equal the battery with the highest CCA at the highest pull-down voltage is usually best.


But--you also have to keep in mind that required charging voltage (is your motorcycle charging at a high enough voltage?) can be a factor as well as how does a particular battery fair with continuous parasitic drain on it.


Then you need to also be concerned with proper fit in the battery box & proper hold down clamping as well a battery posts on the correct ends of the battery.


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