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Google Map vs Apple Map on iphone 6s


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Recently was forced to switch from Samsung Galaxy V to iphone 6S. Phone was stolen out of car.


When using phone for GPS, for the car - do you use Google Maps or Apple Maps?


I remember back in the day that Apple Maps was inferior to Google.

I am not sure if Apple has caught up or not.


So, that is why I am asking here.


What do you do?


Thanks for your responses.






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These days I mostly use Waze, which uses Google's maps (it's now owned by Google), but helps you avoid traffic. If traffic isn't an issue for you, well, I dunno. I've still never trusted Apple Maps and use Google.


I've been told that Google Maps is now using data from Waze users to help you avoid traffic, as well, but haven't tried it.

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Google has been showing slow-downs and alternative routes using Waze data for years.


You don't need to do anything, if its on your route it will popup suggestions and change routes to red/yellow if there is traffic.

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I mostly use Apple's Maps because I prefer the interface, and it seems to integrate a bit better. I did use Waze for awhile when it first came out and it was fun, but I'm lazy and slipped back to Maps.


In several years of using Apple's Maps to find addresses on a daily basis (and often multiple addresses in a day) I can only recall two instances when it took me to the wrong place - and both times it was the back side of a residential property instead of the front/driveway side (so not exactly wrong - just inconvenient).


We've been traveling in Mexico about three weeks now and while both work down there, they have both led us on some wild goose chases finding "local" addresses like small businesses and residences (though both have worked well for major things like hotels and such), and they have both failed to simply find addresses at all. Apple always knows where we are, but Google often can't find us, meaning it can't do turn by turn directions as we ride. That said, Google is slightly more likely to find those little addresses and put them in the right place. (And for both, I mean when we manually enter the address - not just looking for it by business name - they are both bad at that for small things.)


We now run the address in both and if they don't come back the same we run it in google maps online on our laptop (and yes that gets a different result somehow) and use coordinates, or just visually search and then mark it on Apple Maps as a favorite. Works well so far.


Apple, by the way, does some of what Waze (and maybe Google) does too with crowdsource data collection. If your GPS is on, you're sending them data about traffic patterns - there is a slider in settings called "make maps better" or something like that which is default on. That's how they will also give you live updates on time and pop up with offers of faster routes while you are en route.




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John Ranalletta

Prefer Google over Apple maps and use Waze when traffic is crazy. My '11 335d does not have iPhone streaming capability; though, Google maps voice does stream but Apple maps does not. I dunno.

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Prefer Google over Apple maps and use Waze when traffic is crazy. My '11 335d does not have iPhone streaming capability; though, Google maps voice does stream but Apple maps does not. I dunno.


I think bluetooth settings for audio is tied to each app, so you may have one set to bluetooth and one set to iphone (or I think that's how I remember it working my much less fancy four-wheel BMWs).


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As a side gig, I am delivering pizzas. Its actually worked out better for me than Uber has.


I may deliver to 10-20 different locations in a 4 hour period in a relatively smaller area.


I guess the interface using Google Maps on an iphone is tad bit different.


For instance, if I needed to go to


2425 Main Street, Holiday, FL (not an address)


On the android phone, it would give address suggestions that were closer to me. Tarpons Springs, Holiday and a little bit of Palm Harbor, too.


On the iphone, sometimes Tampa addresses would come - which is much further away. I would have to type in the entire address including the city to get where I needed to go.



I like the Google Street views of the actual house - many times very useful when people's house numbers are hard to see, especially at night.


I also like the way you can move the map around to see the next turn and how close it is. I've used Apple Maps once or twice. I didn't see a way to do that.



Thank you for everyone's thoughts.

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I use Apple Maps for for general stuff because its integrated with Siri and I have Carplay in my car. I don't like the Carplay interface for the maps, but it does the job. I could use Google maps, but the interface gets a little more clunky because the iPhone and Carplay is obviously set up for Apple. I have coworkers who have Android and us Android Auto and they like to use Google maps for basically the same reason as me using Apple maps. Its integrated and native to the operating system they are using, so it seems to work a little better.


For my commute (60 miles each way), I use Waze. It rocks for that. I have the audible directions turned off and only hear the alerts. I really wish it was integrated with Carplay, as that would be my goto for everything.

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