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I love my 02 R1150RTP, any others near San Jose, CA?

SJ David

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I purchased my 02 with 165000 back in december 2016. Now I am hitting 169000, riding it all the bad weather we have had recently, riding every day, love it.


I did the 6000 mile service when I bought it. It has been great but I do have a few questions.


I adjusted the valves as part of the service. The vibrations around 4500rpms seemed to get better, but now back like they were. I only really notice it because I had surgery on my elbow a few years ago for a pinched ulnar nerve to prevent my fingers from going numb. Well seems the frequency of the vibrations is right no to trigger my nerve and my thumb and a few fingers so numb.


Other than that I love it. I am looking for other R1150RTP owners in the area to compare bikes, issues and opinions.


David M.

San Jose, CA

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You also might try adjusting the seat or trying a set of handlebar bar-backs to see of this changes the angle of your arm/wrist to make it better.


You may not like the suggestion, but you may consider pulling the panels and having a BMW dealership do the valve adjust and synch.

In your area, there are several long time dealers.

Reason is, no matter what kind of car, bike, etc, if a tech does 3-4 adjusts/synch's a day sometimes for x number of years, you get to where you do a bit of it by feel rather than 100% gauges.

Specify to the service writer that you prefer a tech with some years under his belt to do the job.

Compare how the bike runs then to after your adjustment.


The '02's got the most complaints on surging, and really when you get to that rpm range, try running a gear higher.




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Good suggestions from Tri.

You might consider a set of Grip Puppies that help cushion the grips.

They also are more comfortable if you have big hands. like me.

I have a nerve issue R handarm from a degloving amputation and reconstruction, the GP's helped.


Also, a Throttle Rocker cna help because you can release the

"gripping" of the fingers and use the heel/palm of hand to maintain throttle giving fingers a break.

Used this too (even on bikes w/cruise) as it allows you to move fingers around while keeping constant throttle.


Grip Puppies available in USA.

throttle rocker

And finally, some sort of cruise control (manual throttle lock) like a Throttle Meister (or one of the many options out there) gives you a total break in a constant throttle situation on a longer ride.

I used all of these on my oilhead.

Makes a big difference w/hand issues.

Best wishes.

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Just to offer another viewpoint, I would get used to doing the valves and TB balance yourself, but be sure to invest in the right tools, like the Wurth feeler gauges from Beemer Boneyard and, the Morgan Carbtune from same (although there are other options).


When I do the work myself--WITH GOOD TOOLS)--it's almost always better than any of the professional adjustments I've had here in the Bay Area in 23 years of oilheading. When I get sloppy or try to wing it, the results are less positive.


Also, distinguish between the SURGING that usually occurs in the 3500 RPM range and vibrations in the 4500 RPM department. The former is something you will have to learn to live with or pursue like a hound trying to eliminate. The latter is not what I would call normal.


It may be perspective or what I'm surely inured to by now, but I the only lime I've had troubles of that kind were due to tires being worn or mismatched. The oilhead is no Triumph Triple (or K75), but I do not consider it buzzy . IMO.


And just to stay in my contrarian space, I liked the Grip Puppies but they accelerated the deterioration of my heated grips.

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............ I am looking for other R1150RTP owners in the area to compare bikes, issues and opinions.



Welcome to BMWST, S J David,


Consider learning what is common to the R1150RT, then some/most of those observation will apply.

(but, ah, I cant really tell you what is and isnt common.)


West Michigan David



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Thanks for the advice to all.


I have been adjusting valves and balancing carbs for a long time on a variety of engines. My adjustment made a great deal of difference.


I am lucky I guess, I do seem to see any surging unless I am around 3500 to 4000 rpms. It is such a narrow range I just try to avoid it.


My vibes are at 4500 to 5000 rpms. They are not bad, just set off my nerve damage. Thanks for the que's on the grips and such. I have a throttle friction/Throttle Meiste installed and use it to allow me to flex my hand and arm to wake things back up and to relieve it.


I do not consider the vibes unusual, just some what inconsistent in intensity. Seems like some days they are worse than others. Saying that, they are never intense enough to make me worry something is wrong and needs immediate attention. I do believe they are normal, it is just funny how the ecu makes changes to bring them back after adjustments or reset is done.


I do love it though, a very nice ride. At least to me it is. I ride every day, even in bad weather just with greater caution.


Thanks for the welcome's.


David Mikesell

San Jose,CA

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