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Removing abs for Module Master rebuild help


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PO stated BMW shop said abs bad. I did replace abs on the 97 rt, had better manual, Haynes not so much. Getting Tupperware off and gas tank, any tutorials. Any help greatly appreciated. 08 rt


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The MAX BMW dealership did a video on body panel removal, I think. A YouTube search for "max bmw r1200rt" should find it.


Most of my RT maintenance is guided by the factory DVD (aka RepROM), available from dealerships, part 01598559606. It lacks wiring diagrams, and requires a Windows PC, but provides much more detail than the Haynes manual. It can seem a little expensive, but if it saves more than an hour of dealership labor, it pays for itself.

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Morning dcan


After you remove the Tupperware & fuel tank. (pretty straight forward) --Start with center tank rack removal.


For ABS module removal see the screen shots of BMW manual I sent you by PM.





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What part of Texas are you in? I'm near Sanger and have performed this swap on my 2008 RT as well. It's not particularly difficult. Take your time. Take notes. Don't get brake fluid on your paint.

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