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Chi Town to Deals Gap AKA the Dragon


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The wife and I are considering Taking a week May 21-28, 2017 and going down to Sevierville TN. So hey if were that close why not run to the Dragon :Yes:

We are in the planning stages now, Departing Chi Town (Joliet area) May 21st or 22nd. Over night in Shelbyville KY then on to Sevierville TN. I have a place lined up about 2 hrs. from Deals Gap. I'm open to others that may want to ride along or Just meet up. I'm also interested in acquiring some of the collected wisdom from this community. We're considering Interstate travel to Shelbyville just to get down to that Point quickly. Then let the fun begin!! I should mention this is to celebrate out 25th! This would also be our longest ride ever. Have done 8-10 days in the past but are more comfortable clocking about 300-350 miles a day in our old age. :old: It ain't the years it's the miles that count!

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The Rocketman

While you're there, I highly recommend you stop off for a visit to the Smoky Mountain Knife Works. Its like an 80,000 sq ft building filled with every knife imaginable, plus has a Civil War Relic Museum right in the middle of the building. Even if you know nothing about knives, or don't care about them in the least, its a very cool place to see.


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The Rocketman

Also, if you can get South of Deals Gap off Route 129, find Wayah Road (a/k/a 1310) and Route 711 heading towards Franklin or Topton, NC. Your face will hurt from all the giggling :) The Tail of the Dragon is nice, but there are far superior, less traveled roads in the neighborhood.

Google Maps it......

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300-350 miles in those areas is a loonngg day, be forewarned.

Hwy 28 is fun.

The Cherohala is fun.

Some of the roads off the BlueRidgePkwy are fun. 215/276 have side roads, any of the gray roads can lead to pleasant detours.

Many of the roada around Boone and Blowing Rock are fun. Once up there check out "the Snake".

The roads to and from Nantahala Outdoor Center are fun.

I'd get a DeLorme road atlas for North Carolina, pages; 29, 30, 31,32, 33, 51,52, 53, Maggie Valley, Little Switzerland, etc.

Make plans for a meal at the Pisgah Inn on the BRP.


plenty of fun roads...

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Thanks Rocketman & Tallman!

Ya I know 300 mi isn't an easy day after I posted i was thinking it was a bit aggressive. LOL Our longest day in the last few years was 250 it turned into a 10 hour day down the Mississippi river valley. Fun but exhausting. We do a 200 mile run a few time a year up to Galena and usually stop for a meal on the way. So we are deff. not distance riders.


Thanks for the tip on the knife works and the alt. roads. I figured there would be great rides the were more off the beat and trail.

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All the above good advice.


Sounds like you have a good handle on how you enjoy riding. There are many more roads than you have time.


Ride Well

Ride Often

Ride to EAT

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I agree with the guys, for my money there are many roads as fun or more than the dragon with fewer racers. One just can't go wrong. I'm heading that way for the week earlier and your week with a stop over in Birmingham at the Barber museum and historic sports car races

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