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K1200R Sport


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I bought one when they had the heavy discount but since it would cost a small fortune to have added BMW luggage I decided against keeping her and eventually found a used K1300GT I liked.


The engine is great, riding position is fine, but if you want luggage get the GT. Same great power with the convenience of bags and wind protection. I did suffer the fuel strip issue with my R Sport but never had a problem with the switch gear which some people reported with a few 1200s

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I liked the look of those bikes and tried to find one years back.

Later K bike version of R100s or later R1100/1150 RS or the prior K1200RS,but a lot more power.

They unfortunately did not sell well in US,only available for a year or two.

Definitely the sportier side of sport touring.



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I looked at the k1300, it struck me as a much bigger bike than the first generation k1200gt. Not sure if that is accurate or not. I sort of like the smaller footprint and flowing lines of the first geneeration model better than the edges and angles of the newer BMW touring bikes.


Couldn't get the right deal on an r-sport, so figured I will look at the gt.


There is one in Marengo IL, is anyone familiar with this dealer or for that matter that particular bike??





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...ended up buying Tallman's GT. Just the lines of the first gen gt vs the r sport were just too much to ignore. It would be like passing on Marilyn Monroe for Lindsey Lohan.


I Just have to figure out the logistics of picking it up when the weather gets better.

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