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First Time riding a bike in the snow

BMW Commuting Guy

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Joe Frickin' Friday

Your first link contains wording that infuriates the automatic sensor feature of our site software, which is why it appears to have "[censored]" in it. This makes the link unclickable.


For any user that actually wants to visit the link, they can click on "quote" or "quick quote" (under your post) to see the original text of the link in an edit window, then manually copy/paste that into their browser.


Readers should take note that the link name is PG-13; the content at the link is PG-13 or possibly R, depending on your sensitivities.


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I would expect nothing less than R rated language, when discussing riding in the snow.


It's a good time (NOT!). But I recommend it, if you've ever wondered just how foul your language can get. As for me, I got hired on a sailing vessel shortly after a ride in the snow. Apparently I fit right in for some reason.

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