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R 1200 RT - Arm Rests for Pillion


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Hello, new member here.


I did try the search tool.


I have a '16 r1200rt with a 48 liter trunk. My pillion wants arm rests after seeing a K1600.


Please share your knowledge, experience, solutions, and aftermarket ideas. I don't want to have to reinvent the wheel.





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There is/was a company, made the Strongrak.

online at strongbilt.com


link from MOA Marketplace.

But, not with the 48L, separate set


Good luck.

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If you have this top box, you should be able to retrofit the BMW rests from the Exclusive. The box and rack are the same on both bikes I believe.




Welcome, you live in a great location! :thumbsup:



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Tim, there may very well be a big gotcha with my theory. But, knowing that I swapped the same top case between the K16 & R12/LC I figure it should work. Probably an expensive prop though! :read:




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Thank you all for the welcome and the links/ideas.


I have considered fabricating aluminium rests and attaching them to the 48 liter box, recognizing that they could detach in a crash.


Alternately I have thought about making a cradle or frame that attaches to the lower insides of the box, requiring minimal space but adding significant strength.




Thanks again,



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