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I've been looking for a 2000+lumen flashlight I can use to walk the pooch at night and other general purposes. I've seen priced from $30 - $300... I would like it to be waterproof, bright with adjustable beam.


Suggestions that you are happy with?? Thanks.

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I don't know the lumen value, but I picked up a really powerful one at a Walmart (of all places). It is a coleman LED with CREE led technology - three batteries and will light up an intersection from 500 feet away. Seriously, I have paced it off. Nice strong beam, not overly spread out but not so tight that you could site a gun. It is my favorite FL and I wish I had bought another at the time I got it.


I just google searched and found that the one that I have is only about 500 lumen. However, there are others out there with the CREE technology and 3000 plus lumen.

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2000+ Lumen is serious illumination! Are you sure you need that much? I have a couple decent LED flashlights, one in particular that stays in a handy spot on the RV. It has high and low output and I don't often use the higher power. I think it is only about 750 lumen on high!


I suspect you will have to look at more of a spotlight than flash light. 2000 lumen, if accurately measured, is approaching headlight beam output.

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Terry...well not sure, but where I walk the dog at night there are often snakes on the road, skunks, coyotes, boars, deer, even the occasional beaver, etc. I've stumbled on too many surprises. A neighbor has an incredibly bright light that is about half the size of my 6 cell Maglite and several orders of magnitude brighter. He told me it was 2000lumens, but don't know for sure...I'll check closer.



Thanks Sonor will take a look. You don't happen to remember the model number do you?

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I purchased this light for all the fire trucks when I was chief. I would mount several in each truck. I also purchased two for my personal use, one for the house and one in my truck.


The main beam throw is remarkable to say the least, and while not adjustable, the light outside of the main beam is very effective. It has been my go to light for years. They will work with replaceable batteries, but the fast charger is the way to go. They are a bit expensive, but this is a serious light designed to withstand and function is severe conditions. You can find them at Amazon and fire and rescue websites.



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One option would be to modify your Maglight




I've been using a

nightly at work for almost a year now.

I really like the built in battery voltage indicator as I hate running out of juice in the middle of a task.

I got a bundled package off Amazon that included a 3400Ah 18650 battery as well as a charger with a digital charge % indicator.


Nightcore has a 2000 Lumen flashlight that I don't have any experience with but it also has a built in battery level indicator.


Aparintly this light has a wide spread at the expense of throw but at full power should yeld 200+ yard's.




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I did some research on flashlights when I was searching for a good unit not that long ago - and it seems that in order to have a noticeable perceived increase in light throw, you need to triple the lumens.

Beware of inflated lumen claims from random no-name chinese vendors. I've seen inexpensive lights claiming to be over 1200 lumens that throw less light than my walmart 300 lumen one.


I found that the (legitimate) 1000 (+/-) lumen range to be the best intersection of brightness and price, and have been very happy with the Anker LC90 (900 lumen) lights: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KH2JP5G/ (About $24 as of this writing, but I've seen it higher/lower)


I bought several as Christmas gifts, and everyone who received one was blown away.

It's small enough to carry comfortably in a pocket, has a zoomable (flood/spot) beam, and has a built in USB charger for the included rechargeable Li-ion 18650 battery. And it is pretty damn bright. Sure, there ARE brighter/bigger lights out there, but I didn't find the cost difference to be justifiable. And the ease of just unscrewing the end cap to plug in a standard micro USB cable to recharge it in the car it pretty sweet.

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An update on an old thread and something new to add. Since I started the thread...I guess ok to revive. I decided to buy the nitecore p12 light. They are pretty expensive by comparison, but more than a year later it is my favorite light. It gets used nearly everyday. It came with a rechargeable battery, charger, and a regular battery. It works great and is crazy bright on hi...


Now for something new. I was told about this http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072HZJH1P/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

on a fishing trip. This bulb will fit your old maglights. It took about a month to arrive from china. It is super bright and turned the old 4 and 5 D cell mags into incredible lights. It was well worth the money to me. Side by side comparison is phenomenally different. Time will tell if it will hold up, but it gave the old mags a new life. With that much battery power, I suspect it will run a really long time.

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I've got several D cell maglites. I threw away the bulbs and got THESE. It's no 2000 lumens, but way better than the original incandescent bulb.


I've seen some good reviews of LEDLenser. Supposed to be top drawer. Part of Leatherman Tool Group.

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