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The "Force" Was Strong

KTM Doug

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With this one. While making another visit to my favorite dealer (Not much doing these day's but cruising around lookin!) :rofl: I spotted this one. 2017 GS1200, Triple Black, low version. :thumbsup: So I decided I NEEDED :clap: one more premium bike before I quit riding again. So, the KLR is up for sale, or trade, and this will be coming home soon.




Only thing I need to figure out is what luggage I need or want. I like the Vario cases but maybe I would like the larger aluminum boxes. I have found a set of near new ADV racks. The low version also has a thin seat that sucks. I installed an ADV seat from another new bike and it felt pretty good and helped the leg room. :thumbsup: Decisions, decisions. :P


If is turns out that I don't ride it much, maybe Larry would like another near new GS. That is if his legs get shorter. :)

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Just found out Akrapovic makes a carbon look muffler. :Cool: Would look good with the black bike.


Those bags look huge! If I go alum, I will get the BMW as I like the way the muffler side tucks in. Loose a little space but what the heck. Adventure Design near me makes a neat took box for the left side that bolts to the inside of the ADV rack. Great space for air pump, tire repair stuff, etc. http://www.advdesigns.com/rurelotoforb1.html

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If you get the GSA pannier racks,both Bumot and Globescout make pannier sets that attach directly to the GSA racks and the panniers are in ways superior to the BMW cases.

They both wrap around the muffler,just like BMW.

The Globescouts are anodized,unlike the BMW uncoated panniers.

Both Globescout and Bumot are available in several color options,including BLACK.


Downside to aftermarket is you can't use your BMW key to lock,unlock panniers,you have to use another key.



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They all look huge at certain angles (inset joke here..oh never mind) :grin: I have no first hand knowledge on the Bumots, just read some good reviews is all. I think you could save enough over the BMW panniers to buy that carbon can! ;)





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Thanks guys for all the input. I have both companies bookmarked and have looked at them. The Globalstars look good in black anodize. Tough choice. Still not sure I need the sturdiness of aluminum as the bike will never go off road and maybe the Varios is all that's needed and the bike becomes narrower? :bike:

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I had Jesse's on my 2005 GS that I set up for an Alaska trip that never came about due to a back issue. I just finished reading up on the current Tourtechs.

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