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R1100RT suspension


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My R1100RT has 90,000kms and I assume the original suspension.

Is the front or rear shock rebuildable ?

The roads here are absolute crap , I'd be better off with a GS .

2 up the RT is pretty sad .

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Thanks. Idealy I'd put a pair of ohlins in but that would double what the old girl owes me .

It'll be fine for now . I'll probably pull them out over winter for rebuilding.

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I bought my 99 R1100RT used, and it came with Öhlins. They are wonderful, but pricey, and the seals may be softer than most (which leads to less friction, but more frequent rebuilds).

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Try a set of new aftermarket shocks with minimal adjusters, it will be cheaper. The Wilbers will cost ~ 1k eur, or 1k$ nowadays :D


It has nothing to do with the OEM shocks, it will be a totally different bike.



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I put Wilbers on my R1200 cop bike.

The cop bike shocks have really heavy springs.

Cost me closer to $2K a couple of years back for a pair.

And that was during 10% off Oktoberfest as I remember.

The AU$ has dropped about 30% since then.

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Yep , Australian dollar makes buying replacements out of reach I'm afraid. I'm pretty suremy original shocks rebuilt will still be a major improvement over the way the bike is behaving at the moment.

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Mike Sawatske


I had the original rear shock on R1150RT rebuilt by RADMotorcycleshockyrepairs as mentioned above. Good return service turnaround, no complaints. Shock actually works now.

Yep US shopping now not realistic at Pacific Peso value, especially now shipping rates have been hiked as well.

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