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progressive springs?


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I'm looking to upgrade the suspension on my VW camper. Some outfits sell progressive springs for them. Other vendors talk smack about progressive springs. You guys are all experts with vehicular stuff. Which way do I go?

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Guest Kakugo

Personally I am a big fan of linear, but some people doing a lot of offroad driving/riding swear by progressive springs. Honestly I don't like them, but I understand there's a big difference between an El Cheapo spring and an Elbach/Wilbers one.

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After reading a little more about them, it sounds like they're the way to go. But I don't know anything.


That Porsche flat 6 would be nice. I've got an 86 syncro westy. It's a tortoise. I don't think that 6 cyl will fit without some serious modification. I have been looking at the subaru 2.5L though. double the horsepower!


"Yeehaw, go get 'em Bo!"

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