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I'm doing the various services on my '04 RT this winter and while replacing the fuel filter, I think now's the time to get this part re-plated. It's the filler section under the fuel filler cap.


Mine isn't nice, gold colored and bright looking like it's supposed to be so I thought I might get it re-plated.


Does anyone know what the original plating is supposed to be? Or is there a better recommendation?










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Afternoon Rick


I don't know exactly what the plating is but the company I work for used a Zinc Dichromate coating on some of the fuel system parts back in that same era as your 1150RT was built & that had the same yellow/gold look of the OEM fuel filler (reduction insert).


It could also be a Gold Cadmium plating & I don't know of an easy way to tell the difference between Gold Cadmium & a Zinc Dichromate coating.


In any case, due to the toxicity of the Zinc Dichromate or cadmium plating's you might have a problem finding any companies that still do that.


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Evening D.R.


Yes, I was thinking some kind of zinc plating as well but wasn't sure. There's a few places here in Motown that do cad plating as well as zinc so I'll contact them to see what they recommend.


Maybe it's a yellow zinc plating. I'm familiar with chrome, nickel and cadmium so I just need to do a little research.


Appreciate it as always,



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