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1st on the 1st


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I got out today for around 75 miles. It is a tradition I started for myself a number of years ago-the first ride on the first day of the year. Temps were around 45 and periods of drizzle, but all in all a great ride.

So Happy New Year y'all and get out there and ride.

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I was afraid somebody would ask me about the bike and I might have to say I had not ridden at all this year. So I got out for about an hours ride at a balmy 43 degrees. Roads were cleared of salt by last week's rains, so the bike stayed clean. Intersections required extra caution as there are still many patches of loose sand and gravel left by the snow crews.



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Ha, Like Larry the temp here in CT hit around 42 - almost like summer. Had to take the brand new 16 wethead to the car wash to rinse off all the road and salt crud as I've been riding throughout this misery called winter. Giddy up!



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I was able to make it out Christmas day and today, both days in the low 50's and sunny.


I rode about 35 mi today. Nice sunny day for January.

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Ditto from Northern Illinois, sunny with temps soaring to 35. Careful of the gravel and felt the need to hose bike down cause of road salt.

Have fun, ride safe in 17.

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I found it interesting how different the bike handled until the tires warmed up. The normal grab just wasn't there. Yes, I know this happens, but when it is a long time since the last time since a cold ride, it is an interesting reminder. Much like taking a couple of months off and going out for a ride. Corners aren't what they were after months of riding. Seems like some skills or sense memories need to be refreshed.

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