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Spokane Area Service?


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I just recently moved to North Idaho/Spokane Area. I am looking for a good mechanic to work on my 1150RT. I specifically want to have the brake circuits serviced. I have handled the valve adjustment and throttle body sync before, by myself but I don't want to risk the brake pump. Anybody have any recommendations?

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Hi John, There is a really good BMW dealer just south of Spokane at Clarkston, WA that being Mac's Cycle. They have been a BMW dealer for a good many years in Clarkston. Easy to get to from Spokane just take the US195 exit off I90 on the west side of Spokane and head south. 195 is a great road and goes through some mighty pretty country. You'll be in Clarkston before you know it.


In fact, you'll probably wonder why you didn't move to the Palouse rather than Spokane after you experience US195. Then someday take a ride to Clarkston and head south on SR129 to the Oregon boarder where SR129 becomes OR3 and continues on to Enterprise, OR. You will experience some of the most beautiful country anywhere. It's a ride you won't forget. The roads are great and no traffic.


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Thanks James. I will check them out when the snow clears. I actually moved to the Sandpoint area but just used Spokane as a general reference. I did check out the Palouse area. I just couldn't find the right house for us. US 95 follows the river for quite a ways. Very beautiful.

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Hi again John, I'm familiar with your area having lived for a time in Metaline Falls, WA about 60 miles up the road from Newport, WA.


Clarkston is a haul from Sandpoint as you have that stop and go nightmare from Sandpoint south to I90. Might not be too bad if you go over to Newport, WA then south to Spokane and take Maple Street to I90 thereby avoiding Division St.


If you like US95 there is always BIg Twin BMW at Boise. Big Twin is a fantastic BMW dealer, none better.

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Opinions on the dealership in Spokane out by the airport? Will be there part of the summer and will probably need a valve adjustment (yea, I know but I'm anal about this kind of service while under warranty).


PM me if you want to stay PC

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I split time between Sandpoint and Seattle - Have had my 1200ST serviced at Westside in Spokane a couple of times - no complaints about their service department, once you get to the guys that actually know BMWs

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