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Maintenance by Michael

Roger C

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I met Michael Stock (Michaelr11) this afternoon to have my starter cleaned. Since I had the side fairing off, Michael decided to sync the throttle bodies. Mine were way, way off, per his digital Manometer. So, he proceeded to sync and adjust free play in the throttle while I watched, all the time listening to the tutoring I was getting. From there, he cleaned and lubed my shifter linkage, then cleaned the starter. Next was a minor clutch free play adjustment and discussion on how to adjust the clutch cable underneath. Speaking of clutches, he showed me the output spline shaft as he was checking the clutch for abnormal wear (there was none). Then, to the other side and he pointed out a plug I should disconnect and clean with electronic cleaner. This connector is for the fuel pump, fuel light and gas gauge. All total, we spent a couple hours on my R1100RT and I learned a ton of new things. (Whether I can remember them is another story). He also told me I have a "lazy neutral switch", which sometimes forces me to pull in my clutch lever in order to crank. Anyway, hats off to Michael, a lover of BMW cycles and a pretty darn good mechanic!

Looking forward to fun and fellowship with Michael and other members of TriadRiders.

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