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fuel induction cleaning service


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My '04 R1150 RT (17K miles) is in the shop for an annual service, and service advisor is recommending fuel induction cleaning service at $240.


Sounds like snake oil.


Comments or suggestions?

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Afternoon 89quattro


Not exactly snake oil but sure sounds like an easy cash-cow money maker for the service department.


IF, your Throttle Bodies are coked up in the air by-pass screw areas & throttle plate areas then a good de-coking might be a good idea but to my way of thinking $240.00 is very high for that service.


You might call the dealer & ask them to spell out EXACTLY what they will do for that $240.00 (each & every step). Then post that information up here for us to comment on.


If just a quick spray job in the intakes & some Techron in the fuel tank then they better give you a big kiss & pat on the butt when you pick your motorcycle up.


On the other hand (IF) your intakes are heavily coked up (verified by a thorough & complete inspection) & they remove the TB's & completely de-coke the BBS passages & carefully clean the throttle plates & throttle plate areas as well as add a good fuel injection cleaner then maybe the $240.00 isn't out of line.


At 17,000 miles on an 04 bike that probably means lots of short trips or occasional riding & that can lead to early intake area coking so it's possible that your engine could benefit from a cleaning but @ $240.00 that sounds awfully high for that service unless it is very complete & detailed.


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if it runs ok I would just say no thanks... If I bought everything a service advisor told me I would have spent a lot more on things that didn't matter. If it were mine and there was clear evidence the fuel flow was sub-par, I would run a couple of tanks of techron additive and see if it cleared it up first. I'm one of those guys who does take their toys to the dealer for routine service, but again I don't buy everything they are selling unless I know for sure it needs it. As DR mentioned...ask them why they came to that conclusion and what they plan to do...but if running ok I probably wouldn't do it....

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Thanks gents for your informative replies.


Turns out they didn’t even look at the bike yet; they made the “recommendation” based on the fact that “…I’m having all the fluids changed…”. Agree with you both that the this service should only take place after careful understanding of any symptoms that are present, and a thorough physical inspection of the impacted areas/parts.


I told them that I don't think it’s needed at this time, motor performs fine...no hesitation, instant startup, no surging, steady idle at 1100 rpm.


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