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An Upbeat Dude on an Africa Twin


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Awesome scenery! Jamie Robinson always seems to have a lot of fun in his MotoGeo videos (I've seen several). He's also a hell of a rider. From his bio, he has raced in "British, European and World Championship events, as well as the road courses of the Isle of Man TT and recently Pikes Peak".


I'm not sure all those shots are edited in real time order. The bike seems to go back and forth between DOT knobbies and adventure-bike tires quite a few times.


OMG. I just found his description of his first lap at the Isle of Man, and it's a hoot: My TT

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Man he can put away some food!


Yes he can, and he doesn't have an ounce of fat on him, though I'm not sure sure about what's floating around in his arteries. :grin:

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