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Golf Bag Carriers

Rick Ward

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I will contact my brother as he regularly throws his clubs over his bike and takes off to play. He's been doing it for years with no problems.

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It's quite easy and fun. The best of all worlds; riding through the backroad twisties at the break of day to your favorite golf course. Then, play a round, lunch with buddies, and then a spirited ride home! Life is perfect!

Sorry, I don't have an image to show you how I do this but it is quite simple and secure: I use a soft travel bag, and use Rock-Straps to bungee the bag horizontally across the back seat. Depending on your bike, you'll find many fastening options. Strap the bag against your top case or back seat...either way works fine. The golf bag extends only inches past the side cases on either side and the weight distribution does not effect the lean of the bike at all. I have also used only the rain cover over the clubs and then bungee strapped around the club heads to prevent shifting. The former method using a soft travel bag works best however.

Enjoy, and if you traveling in Northern NJ area, let me know and we can hook up for a round!

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I think if you go to Google, there was a guy making these as well as bicycle carriers. He was at Americade one year, they were well made{over made} and were reasonable.

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I have a Sunday bag with legs and headcover. I will give that a try. I don't have a back rest/topcase but I do believe I could bunjee the bag to the back seat area and arrive with all in tact. Thank you and Happy New Year.


Rick Ward

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I use a barrier between the soft bag and the saddle bags.

Webbed drawer liner/towels.

Soft ties at frame/bag mounts etc. can be used for tie offs to secure the golf bag.


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I had built a carrier for my R1200RT, but it's now history, along with the bike.

What I did was make two mount points on the frame, one at the right rear passenger peg and one under the right cover just behind the bag mount. I then bolted a carrier I had welded up from SS tubing, with a folding "foot" to hold the bottom of the bag. Worked VERY well for me, as it was stable above the legal speed limit, but out of the way when I didn't carry the clubs.

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