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battery time


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Oddesey pc680 lasted 7 yrs, not bad i guess.

have been researching the new lithium batteries

Shoria-upper end of $ scale

Scorpian- very reasonable$

very powerful,almost seems like the pc680

is obsolete.

any one running Lithium?


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Afternoon rustyfingerz


If weight savings is your main goal then the new lithium ion or lithium iron type batteries are top of the list.


If starting your engine in cold weather is your main goal then the old lead acid, Gel, or AGM battery design is top of list.


There are a few riders that I know or camp with that are presently trying the lithium based batteries (mostly off-road riders that put weight savings above cold weather performance)


We still have to jump or push start a few lithium battery bikes when it gets real cold overnight but for the most part just turning the headlights on for a few minutes will warm the battery enough to get some engine cranking.


To me personally the lithium (iron/ion) battery technology is not quite ready for main stream usage yet for production bikes.


If they were as good as some of the hype then you would be seeing many being used in modern production motorcycles/ automobiles due to the great weight savings but so far that isn't happening. So that basically tells me that there are still some underlying reasons that the lithium xx battery is not quite ready for mainstream daily usage yet.



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Yes, I have read some things about cold weather performance.

I also realize that it is not a tryed and true proven technology

as it pertains to bikes.

And I dont like being a guinea pig to forward technology, unless of

coarse it was given to me for free.Hence my 13 Harley.

Thank you for your imput, it goes with what I have been reading.

The AGM battery seemed to serve me well, I will continue to look

into choices.


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I had a lithium battery on my R1100S. It didn't really have enough power to turn the engine over consistently without interrupting the ABS and causing it to fault. In cold weather it barely turned the engine, and I mean North Florida cold, not actual cold. In short, I wouldn't recommend one unless you live in South Florida. Even SoCal is too cold.

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I concur that the Lithium batteries are not ready for prime time, at least on our bikes.


I was stoked for the size saving until I reasoned, what else would I do with the space?


As for the weight savings, I should and need to go on a diet. Better results all around.


Anyone tried the Motobatt series?

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MotoBatt is a good one. I replaced mine a few months ago with a MotoBatt unit and it is working great. I've been negligent in keeping it on a tender and it has not failed to start it, and I've been riding infrequently lately. The fit is excellent and having 4 posts is a big plus!

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Hey Rustyfingerz,


Seven years is really good for a battery, but I've read of others getting even more from the AGM battery with the proper maintenance and charging voltage.


A suggestion or two for you if you decide to go with/back to the Odyssey PC680 AGM battery: check the charging volts your bike is producing. AGM batteries need 14.7 V for best performance, but some of the older voltage regulators were set at something less for the old flooded lead/acid type before AGM's were popular.


I did some research when my PC680 died back in July, and bought a "BatteryMINDer Charger-Desulfator - 12 Volt, AGM Batteries, Model# 2012-AGM" (Amazon, $63) to replace the new BatteryTINDER charger I had been using. Unfortunately, my bike sits for a week or two between rides so a maintenance charger/desulfator is very helpful.


This site has some good info on AGM batteries:



BatteryMINDer made a believer of me when I connected it to the old dead PC680 for a day and IT CAME BACK TO LIFE. Apparently, the DESULFATOR does work. That battery is now powering a friend's old airhead and doing well.


And, NO, I'm not affiliated with any battery charger except as a very satisfied customer.





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