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2004 GS Adventure Passenger Backpad?


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Should probably have Louise pilot and you ride back there a few hundred miles before you judge it uncomfortable - could be great ;)


...as to your question, having never been able to actual end up with a GS even though I set out to buy one twice now, I don't have a clue - sorry!


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They normally had an accessory back pad for most all the tail trunks. Normally thin, injected foam .

The parts fiche doesn't show one available for the 1150 Adv. tho.


I used to install all the accessories the service dept. didn't want to mess with and I was pretty sure one was offered.


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Afternoon Whip


I have seen a number of backrest pads on the old 1100/1150GS but none that I recall were BMW OEM offerings.


Most common was the Sargent but IFAIR those needed the Sargent backrest frame to allow the pad install.


I have a friend that rode an 1150GS with a similar top case to yours & he used a seat pad with straps through the two forward top loops on the top case (only when he had a passenger on board).


You might try E-Bay & use the search words sissy bar backrest or sissy bar pad.


Or, if you live close to a Harley dealer they usually have a number of smaller thinner sissy bar backrest pads.


If you want BMW then possibly look at a 1200GS aluminum top case back pad (see if it has any chance of lining up on your top case)

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Looks like you've got a decent rack bar to mount to there. I'd fashion my own plate and take it to a local upholsterer and have it covered. This way you have nothing attached to the box and with the box left off you'll still have a back rest there.


Good luck.



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