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Pairing Galaxy J3 with Zumo 660


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I finall joined the 21st century and replaced my flip phone with a smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy J3. I bluethooth the phone to the Garmin 660 and the Garmin to the Scala Rider Q1. When I had the flip phone I would turn on the Garmin then the Scala Rider and every thing would work. With the J3, I need to wake the phone up first before it will connect. The phone shows that the Garmin is in range but does not connect without waking the phone first. This is inconvenient if the phone is under several layers. Can it be made to connect without waking?


As you have likely guessed, I am a low tech sort of guy so please use small words and explain it like you would to a small child. :)

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Someone else with experience may be able to answer you directly.


Try looking into ZumoForums.com, they have separate sub forums for each Zumo device and lots of help for this kind of issue.



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Michael, Thanks for the reply and it looks as if I will need to do that. I had hoped to get replies here as I thought that riders here would know on these specific items. Again, thanks for the advice.

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