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When I retired in 2008, Emory had a webdrive service, with each user allocated 100 Mb of space. A year or two after retirement, the quota for retirees was cut to 50 Mb, but that only meant that new additions couldn't be made; existing content remained available. Emory eventually got rid of webdrive entirely, and switched to Box, which I didn't care to use.


In 2006 I rode by motorcycle to Alaska and back, and I maintained a blog (without blogging software), The Lone Librarian Rides Again, during the entire 45 day trip, updating almost daily. Although I have locally stored copies of every page and photo from the trip, I never got around to re-creating the web site, which I assumed was gone forever. On a lark this morning, I found the entire site preserved in the Internet Archive.


What a lovely Christmas present!

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There are a few cases of "link rot" but since it's an archival snapshot, I can't fix them.


The Alaska ride was one of the peak experiences of my life.

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Joe Frickin' Friday
The Internet Archive is a 501©3 non-profit, you can make a tax deductible contribution (US anyway) and it will be matched right now.


Maybe a worthy cause, since it's preserving our roots (click link, pick a backup date, and browse Cary's BMW R1100RT Resource Page).

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