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gel seat

Rick Ward

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Not in every instance, but back in the early 2000's Suzuki had a gel seat as an extra cost option for their cruiser line. They were quickly discontinued and we at the dealer level got a "stop sell" order and returned them.

Sitting in the sun for several hours super heatd the gel and caused toasted buns.


Years later someone tried a gel pad and the issue for some riders is the gel absorbed body heat and the pad got warmer and warmer as the trip wore on.


Of course at 2016, perhaps things have improved but I haven't paid attention to any recent gel seats.

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I have experimented with a layer of memory foam between a sheepskin butt pad and the seat. It works like a pair of well-cushioned hiking socks in boots, filling in the gaps, and providing the most comfort I have experienced in >50 years of riding.

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If they work as advertised; I would think they would be a much less expensive alternative to an aftermarket seat such as a Russel or sargeant etc.


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I had an Airhawk for years that finally died at the Hamburg Rally last July. So I picked up a ButtBuffer ButtBuffer


I believe Airhawk changed ownership and their warranty wasn't lifetime anymore so that influenced my decision.


I was initially impressed with the BF as I got a great deal with a sheepskin cover. But the long ride back home convinced me that it is only marginally better than nothing.


I did contact them and they swapped out the sheepskin for a different cover, which I thought was contributing to the discomfort AND they even sent me a check for the difference, so kudos to their support, but I'll be looking at getting a Sargent or a Russell before next riding season.


Airhawk's work very well, btw. I would take one over a gel seat. I'm just ready for something more permanent.





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I had a gel seat on my bike eight years ago , it worked fine as long as you remembered to cover it when parked on a hot sunny day , they really absorb the heat , wouldn't own another one.

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And therein lies the issue with Gel seats. The Gel will feel great for short distances, but has 2 issues. Firstly, it displaces with sustained pressure and more importantly, it doesn't breath. So, any advantage gained by the theoretical increase in comfort, is taken away by the fact that your contact patch cannot breath.

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