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Hi Guys on these cold days, in the 30s, only one cylinder is starting on my 2000 RTP 1100. the 2nd when starts about 10 seconds later. It backfires a little but after about 30 seconds, she runs fine. I don't know the last time is was tuned. I did recently change the fuel filter and that was dated 2004! I did nothing yet. i suspect the plugs need to be changed. But was wondering if there might be a common problem for these bikes???Thanks, Rob

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I don't know the last time is was tuned.


They "commonly" require periodic maintenance. If they don't receive periodic maintenance, there are "common" problems.

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Evening Rob


New spark plugs is a great place to start.


As a rule, on the RT-P, the problem with a cylinder not firing at first start up is the internal spark plug wire sparking to the metallic outer RFI covering in the coil cover area.


That is a difficult thing to diagnose without having new (very expensive) plug wires or RT-P coil to install.


Usually much cheaper to install regular civilian RT coil & wires.


There is also the possibility of the L/H side spark plug oil fouling during overnight parking if bike is allowed to sit on side stand. (oil fouling usually starts to fire after a few seconds of engine running)


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