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R1150R upgrade


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Hello all,

Lately I have been seriously considering upgrading from my 04 r1150r, to an 08 r1200r. Differences being 27K miles, no abs, 480#s dry, on my 04, to 8K miles, abs, 437#s dry, and a claimed 28% increase in power, with just a 40cc increase in engine size. I have not been on the 08, but the owner claims it is more nimble than earlier models.


I am wondering if anyone has any first hand knowledge regarding the 1200, and would care to comment, one way or another? I am guessing that my 1150 would bring about $3500, the 1200 would require and additional $3000. Is it worth $3000 more? I seem to be on the fence. My 1150 is nice, I am new to BMW's, but have come to really enjoy the "older" boxer. The 1200 looks very well taken care of also, and there is definitely a cool factor with the black 1200. What do you all think?

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If you think you can afford it, you should ride it. If you can't afford it, don't ride it :)


Don't know where you are but it's a bad time of year most place to sell a bike, but that also means a good time to buy. Do you need to sell first or could you buy now and wait to sell in spring?



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FWIW, I found the 1200 Roadster a huge change from the previous 1100/1150 model.

It is a sleeper IMO.

But, YMMV yada yada.

The 1200 is faster and more nimble.

Throw in abs, upgrade to the engine, dampner, you have a better ride.

None of which matters.

See if you can ride it, until then, you can't make a proper decision.

Best wishes.

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