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Naked r1100rtp


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So, having a wild hair and a few extra bucks, I bought a 2000 r1100rtp last July (my first BMW) and immediately fell in love. Great highway bike, seating position, loved the adjustable windscreen, etc. It seems solid mechanically but had been down once or twice and the tupperware, saddlebags and rear lighting was buggered up and poorly repaired. Having been a cop bike there are all kinds of unconnected wires under the fairing. So, two months later I bought a 2004 r1150rt with 32,000 miles and 4 pages of service performed earlier this year. I just returned from a 2,000 mile trip to see family in California and the ride was everything I had hoped it would be. Just need to find a seat or seat pad that will help with my sore butt.

I can't get my money back out of the RTP and hate to just sell it at a loss so I have been kicking around the idea of customizing it somehow but I am stuck on how to even begin. Easy enough to remove the luggage but then what? Pulling the plastic involves exposing the girder system, the enormous fuel tank, abs, battery etc. Can anyone share some ideas? Has anyone tried to swap out the tank, ditch the abs and relocate the battery? Am I just opening a huge can of worms (probably)? Please share any thoughts. Thanks, Jim.

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Hi, Jnovva - welcome to the forum.

Maybe something like *THIS* will get your juices flowing, or just do an internet search on something like "customized bmw motorcycles".


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That is very sweet! It looks like the forks have been swapped and the frame customized. Which tank did he use? Those are my doubts, I guess. Thanks for the response.

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My dream is to get a 1100GS and mount a 1100r tank on it, remove the ABS and get the front end with a standard ktm exc fork. The rear end would have the r850r final drive, because of the ratio.



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I think you'd be opening a can of worms. The miles of wiring alone will drive you half nuts. Sell it and enjoy your 'new' RT and don't look back.

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