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Locks for side bags

Rick Ward

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My new (to me) ride, 2000 R1100RT has side luggage but the locks are either broken or I don't have the appropriate key. Can locks be replaced? If so do the replacements come with a new key? I would think a new lock would come with a key. Thanks


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What isn't happening that you want to happen, exactly? Can you get into the cases, or are they locked shut?


Lock cylinder set part number:

51 25 2 307 618

(that's two cylinders and two keys, I believe)


I believe there are instructions online for changing the wafers to fit your ignition key, but I can't find them right now.


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Look on this forum in the "do it yourself area" for links to videos.


OR look on YouTube for videos by a gent named "Laguna" (me)

Very easy process.

I can walk you thru lock removal and re-key via phone if needed.


When you see the videos be sure to watch only the "System case" videos.


My cell : 559-288-1490 9a-9p pacific time.



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