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HID for 2003 RT


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Here's an alternative approach, using a bulb designed for the headlight enclosure:


1) Install an Eastern Beaver H4 relay wiring harness. The higher capacity wiring will provide more current to the headlight, and equally important, it eliminates passing high current through the headlight switch (contacts on my switch burned out @~110,00 miles). I didn't even have to remove the tank to route the wiring. I ended up bolting the relays to the frame, just behind the steering head, using an existing hole that was tapped for an M6 thread.


2) Use a HELLA H4 12V 100/55W halogen bulb. With the higher capacity wiring harness, light output is noticeably whiter, and the 100W high beam punches a nice hole in the dark, without the beam focus issues of HID or LED replacements that aren't designed for a H4 housing.

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There are a bunch of LED H4 bulbs that will install in your bike AND draw way less current than HID, halogen, or conventional bulb. They seem to start about $15-17 and go up. You can chose the color (Kelvin - temperature) and the lumens (brightness). Cyclops, SuperbrightLEDs and a bunch of others all have H4.



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After posting, I realized that the R1150RT doesn't use an H4 bulb. That said, I think Eastern Beaver has relay harnesses for the 1150 that support the dual bulb setup. However, I don't know about high output incandescent bulbs.


I have never seen a report of an LED replacement for a H4 that provides as good a beam pattern as incandescent; perhaps the H7s work better, but there's no beating using the type of bulb for which the headlight was designed, as long as you can get sufficient output.

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