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02 K12RS preventive maintenance


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I am looking for info, parts lists and possible help to keep my K12RS in good running order in the LA area. My bike is currently running relatively well with 40k miles on it and I need to know the most likely problems I will encounter going forward. I am thinking of drilling a weep hole ahead of the clutch slave cylinder to prevent the problem I am currently having with my 02 R1150RT which is clutch slippage. I am looking for experience, guidance, and a work area as I commute to this area for work weekly and do not have my own garage. My bike is my primary vehicle during the work week and stays here on weekends while I go home. Any help appreciated.

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A history of not doing the coolant flushes will cause the water/oil pump seal to leak. Of the flushes have been non-existent, the impeller shafts will be pitted causing the entire pump to need replacing. Price, about 550.00


When the coolant is flushed, a new rad cap should be fitted each time.


Like many BMW's you'll be money ahead by doing the brake flushes on schedule as well.


I've seen the engine, trans, final go over 250k with proper maintenance.


The drivshaft can be an issue around 100k miles. We saw 2 do that. If the shaft goes, it will destroy the swingarm and possibly the final drive yoke.

Sometimes you get lucky and feel a vibration if/when the shaft goes out of synch. Do not ignore it.


Overall with good care, these will easily go 200k+ miles.

The clutch life depends on how you ride it.




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...... I am thinking of drilling a weep hole ahead of the clutch slave cylinder to prevent the problem I am currently having with my 02 R1150RT which is clutch slippage.


The pre '02 KRS's all had the weep holes drilled in them from the factory but it was discontinued with the '02's. I had a hole drilled in my '02 K1200RS when I noticed I was losing a small amount of oil through a leaking engine seal at around 70,000 miles. We did not see oil dripping from the hole so I continued to ride the bike for another couple of thousand miles, however, oil did finally get into the clutch and I had the seals, clutch and slave value all replaced.



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I would keep an eye on the rubber brake lines--I replaced mine with Spiegler Braided Stainless Brake lines-- you can get them from Pirate's Lair


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I have done the coolant flushes and oil changes but not all of the brake fluid changes...just ordered the tools I need from Beemer Boneyard. That should take care of those problems. I had it taken care of professionally at 22k and it has 40 on it now and trying to take care of most of the maintenance myself now. Main thing holding me up out here is it is a commute destination...I don't have a garage out here and some of the work is messy and cold during winter.

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i believe they only specify the full brake service every two years so that should not be too much of a concern once you have it behind you. i specifically wanted one of this age myself because you can keep it up and do most things at home. not to mention that in my opinion, it was one of their best looking bikes. why, a woman the other day asked me if it was new (03).

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If you keep up on the maintenance "by the book" as it sounds like you will, this thing will last forever.

Tires, there are several choices but be sure you get the ones specified in the fine print for this bike. They are reinforced for the horsepower and weight.

My customer who got over 250k miles out of his droned on the freeway all over the western states. Even his work commute was 75 miles a day and he used the Mich PR4GT that was specific to the K bike.

For more spirited riding Metz makes a version in the Z8. That will be more racy but not last as long.


Oil filter wise, I like the Mahle brand filter avaialbe from Wunderlich Americas in Calif. they carry he Mann air filter as well.



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