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Wanted; home for printer ink


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Our HP printer gave it up last week. It's an old unit and likely not too many folks use the same cartridges. I say this as Costco quit carrying them about 6 months ago.

We bought a new printer which, of course, takes different cartridges. We have several perfectly good unused cartridges for the old machine. I just hate to toss them in the trash.

Any advise how to find them a new home?

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Hi Red. In Portland I'd just put them on the free page on Craigslist and they'd be gone within the hour. In Burns the audience is obviously smaller but I'd still try as that's probably the easiest solution.



edit: a quick google finds a few places that will "buy" full cartridges by mail - you don't say which you have so I can't tell you if they want yours, but you could check. One that came up was needempty.com

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My wife put a pile of antiquated ink cartridges on ebay some years ago. As I recall she did rather well with them. Like more than we paid. Or thereabouts.


Look 'em up, see what they're going for. Somebody, somewhere, wants them bad enough to actually give you money. And they're really easy to ship.

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